Regular Eye Examinations are Important for Your Vision

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Regular eye examinations are important for your vision.  Vision is one our most important senses that we have. 80% of what we learn is done through our vision.  With the evolution of technology and electronic devices, imagine your life today without your sight.  Most eye diseases progress quite gradually and are often painless. Often, there are no early warning signs of eye disease.  Eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are often subtle and have no consequence to your vision in the early stages. By the time the disease state has progressed to effect your vision, it is often irreversible and the vision loss is permanent. Regular eye assessment is paramount in monitoring your eye health enabling prompt treatment.

At Mackinley Optical no two patients are the same. Our optometrists take a personalised and tailored approach in managing your eye health and vision requirements. Patients with general health issues such as diabetes and hypertension are recommended to have an ocular assessment yearly. Give us a call or make an appointment with our optometrist to discuss your individual ocular health needs.

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