Eye Emergency

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Today I had an eye emergency experience of my own that I wanted to share with you. The day started off like every other day – a mad rush to get to the practice by 9am after dropping the kids at school! I was going about my business, and in the middle of an E-Eye treatment with a patient I noticed that the vision in my left eye was not normal.

I noticed that my vision was clear when I looked straight ahead, however, my peripheral vision in my left eye was unusual. At first I thought that I had something in my eye. I had a look in the mirror and could not see anything. My left eye looked normal and looked similar to my right eye. Looking at me, you would not think that there was anything going on. I rubbed my eye. Still no difference. I put drops in my eye. Still no change. My peripheral vision was like i was looking through water and felt like i might have a twitch on my eye!

I decided that I should let Jack, our optometrist, know what was going on and see what he thought. Jack asked me if I had any pain in my eye or if my vision was being affected. I said no, everything felt fine it was just the peripheral vision of my left eye only was like looking through water. Jack said that it could be a number of things and not to worry. It could be a retinal detachment or it could also be a symptom of a migraine. He said that he would dilate my left eye as he wanted to have a look at my retina.

Jack put the drops in my eye and we waited 30 minutes. During this time, I started to get a headache and I felt pain behind my eye and my vision went back to normal. Jack had a look at my retina and everything was clear.

The reason I share this with you is that if you experience any changes in your vision it is imperative that you have it looked at by an Optometrist. This could have been a very serious issue and if found early, would have been treatable.