Dry Eye Syndrome IPL treatment

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With our focus on innovative eye care, Mackinley Optical is the first Canberra practice to install the E-Eye, a medical-grade Intense Pulse Light (IPL) device to treat sufferers of Dry Eye Syndrome. Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when either not enough tears are produced by the eye or those tears that are produced, are of poor quality.  Symptoms can be made worse by modern lifestyle activities such as working on computers, working in air conditioning, driving a car and wearing contact lenses.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome include sore, burning eyes, scratchiness, stinging sensation, blurry vision, grittiness, red eyes, sensitivity to light and trouble with glare.

‘Mackinley Optical prides itself on having the most advanced Dry Eye Clinic in Canberra.  We have a new piece of equipment called the E-Eye’ Korina says, ‘It is a suitable solution for sufferers of dry eye who have tried Eye Drops without success.  The E-Eye essentially uses Intense Pulse Light treatment to jump start the glands around the eye to get them in peak working condition’.  With 20 per cent of the population suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, and this number steadily increasing, Mackinley Optical is pleased to offer local clients’ access to the E-Eye.

‘Our passion is to provide our clients with innovative eye care solutions and unique spectacle frames’ says Korina.

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