Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Mackinley Optical, a Comprehensive Eye Exam is not just about checking your EYESIGHT. We are more interested in checking your VISION and the health of your EYES. Vision uses eyesight as its foundation. We are here to help you with regular eye examinations, diagnosing and treating serious eye conditions and assessing the overall health of your eye.

During your eye examination, our friendly optometrists will listen to your eye heath concerns and provide you with an effective solution to your needs.

Your Initial Comprehensive Eye Examination will take up to 1 hour and include:
Pre Examination:

  • Discussing your vision needs and patient history
  • Discussing your eye health and overall general health
  • Discussing your family history of eye conditions

Eye consultation:

  • Review your current spectacles and contact lenses
  • Assess your eye health for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic related eye conditions
  • Measuring your prescription and determining if any eye wear is required
  • Measuring your vision and the ability of your eyes to work together as a team.


  • Discussing the findings of your Eye Examination and recommending an effective solution
  • If contact lenses are required, our Optometrist will arrange for trial Contact Lenses to be ordered and an appointment will be made to teach you how to insert, remove and maintain the Contact Lenses correctly
  • If spectacles are required, one of our friendly Frame Stylists will help you choose frames that express your individuality!

Many eye diseases do not have obvious symptoms. Some only show symptoms when the conditions is advanced and difficult or impossible to treat.