Childrens Vision

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Childrens Vision is important for a child’s educational, physical and social development, and to help them reach their full learning potential.  80% of how we learn is done through our vision.  Many children continue to experience undetected vision related issues and this can have a profound effect on how children learn.

Symptoms of eye problems in children include (but are not limited to):

  • Blurred vision, headaches, or sore eyes;
  • Delayed progress in reading;
  • A turned eye, red or watery eyes, and frequent blinking;
  • Poor hand-eye coordination in sports;
  • Losing their place or omitting words and skipping lines when reading.

‘We have developed an interest in Children’s Vision and Behavioural Optometry when my son refused to read books when he was younger.  He had a preference for comic style books and did not like to read novels.  I put it down to him being a typical boy with a preference for playing outside.’ Korina says.  ‘He did not complain of any eye problems.  One day, we had him come in and see our Behavioural Optometrist, and he prescribed a pair of spectacles for him.  Upon putting the glasses on, he was able to read easily.  He then said to me that without his glasses the words were moving around on the page.  When I asked him why he did not tell me this before, he said “I thought what I was seeing was normal. I did not know.’’’

Once in school, children should have an eye examination at least once every 2 years by a Behavioural Optometrist.  A Behavioural Optometrist will not only consider the treatment of any eyesight difficulties, but also the benefits of prevention, protection and enhancement of your child’s visual system in order to improve all aspects of their visual performance.

‘We are passionate about ensuring that no child slips through the cracks with an undetected vision problem’ says Korina. To find out more information about Children’s Vision and Behavioural Optometry, call us now to book an appointment.

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